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Momma May I

by Dionne D. Hunter

Momma May I look into your eyes once more
See your beautiful smile
Feel your warm embrace
Hear you calling out to me
“Come here baby let Momma kiss it, and make it feel better.”
And Yes your kisses always took the pain away

Momma, help me to erase the image of you laying lifeless, no twinkle in your eyes
You see being only a child I could not comprehend that you were never coming home to me again
I looked into your final resting place wondering why you would not wake from your deep slumber
Of course, the family tried to explain by saying,
She’s gone to see God’s grace
She’s going to take her honored place
God needed another angel by his side
After a while I couldn’t take anymore and I screamed, I need my Momma more than God!
But in reality my lips never parted and no one heard my inner cries
So, I decided not to worry, I told myself it was all just a bad dream
I’ma wake up, you just wait and see!
And when I wake up, Momma, she’ll be standing here right by my side
But to my surprise days turned to weeks
Weeks to years and from this nightmare I never could escape

The ability to share graduation, promotions, marriage, the birth of my children, even the simple act of saying happy Mother’s Day were all stolen away on that fateful day

Flash back to a silly child’s pitiful cries-
Momma please open your eyes
Momma please don’t leave
Momma if you ever love me please don’t let this be goodbye